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Dec 30


Last night, for the first time in five years and ten months – one of my children actually puked in the potty. That’s right – not on me, not on the bed, not on some disgusting combination of me and the bed – but actually in the potty. All the way. Not on his clothes, not on the back of the potty, not just in the bathroom – but in the potty. This is HUGE in my world. My little Sam was coughing and coughing and I sensed (with that mama intuition thing) that it was coming and called him over, led him to the toilet and BOOM – it happened. I rubbed his little back and murmured encouragement as he puked his little heart out.

And then Jess stayed dry all night again last night – with underwear. Amazing stuff happening here every day 😉

On a cute side note – sometimes Sam learns things from his sister that I don’t particularly appreciate – he was literally storming around the dining room while I was folding laundry, with his arms crossed in front of him, and muttering to himself “I have nuffin ta do!” in a most aggrieved tone. It was adorable – but somewhat disconcerting – what with the fact that’s he’s not yet two and a half…

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