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Jul 16

Hermit Island 2010

I survived another trip to Maine with the kids. My whole family is up there, my mother, two step sister, one sister and one cousin so I’ve got tons of help up there, but still found myself feeling stressed out and like I needed to clone myself in order to really care for the kids the way they needed to be cared for. Jess was FINE (see previous post), and there were only a couple of times when she demanded attention. And Sam really was better than he was last year, he’s a kid who likes things the way they are, big changes throw him off a little. He wimpered himself to sleep on Wednesday night, looking for Marc and my heart broke a little bit listening to him. “I want Daddy…” in the littlest quiet voice. He was really pretty good, but when he gets really upset, he wasn’t happy with anyone other than me, and that was difficult for everyone.

Julie is still at the stage where she’s nursing pretty much non-stop. I think she’s starting to teeth, because her fists are in her mouth a lot, and she’s drooling more and more. (Sam suggested that we start calling her Droolie instead of Julie) But because Sam was so overtired and cranky, I felt like I spent most of Thursday nursing her, passing her off, trying to soothe Sam until Julie cranked back up with the wailing and then latching her back on. To the point where I started to suspect that maybe she was nursing so much just because it was the one time when she was guaranteed to be in my arms.

I’m very happy to be home 🙂

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