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Jul 19


Jessie had chopped off part of her hair several weeks ago. Gave herself some odd bangs, actually she cut it down to the scalp, so she’s now got some odd bangs, having grown out the crewcut. Her hair is silky and wavy – sometimes it curls, sometimes it’s straight, but it’s baby fine and so beautiful… My sister is much more organized or rigid about hair. She likes her hair done, perfectly, and after a week with her, Jessie came home convinced that only Auntie Mandi could make her hair look right, and any attempt on my part or on hers was bound to result in the poor kid looking like an idiot.

There was no talking her out of it (with curly hair myself, I learned early on that my hair has a mind of it’s own, and any attempt on my part to influence it only results in frizz), and she was so upset about it, that I offered to go and get her hair cut. And since my hair is a disaster, I went ahead and got mine chopped off as well. I got about five inches cut off of mine, so now it’s just above my shoulders and super, super curly. The hairdresser “shattered” it, which is similiar to layering it, but not as blunt. I guess. All I know is that he used a ton of product and my hair was so crunchy and stiff it was scary. It’s much better today, but still super curly and far too short to bundle back into a messy bun the way it usually is. Jessie’s hair is straight up adorable, her’s is layered and cute.

In other news… Julie’s eyes are turning almost a green. I’ve got hard core brown eyes, and so does Jessica. Julie and Sam both have my eye shape, but Sam’s are a greyish, greenish brown and I think Julie is going to have the same thing 🙂

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