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Dec 10

Holiday spirit

I’m getting there. It’s somehow harder for me to get into the holidays now that I have kids, I think, because it’s so much more work. Dragging down all the stuff, the dreaded shopping, etc… but tomorrow starts the first night of Hanukkah and I’m in the right mode now. I’m going to start my shopping tomorrow, and will do most of it on Saturday. This weekend kicks off non-stop Hanukkah parties and it’ll continue right up until next Sunday when I’ve got my family Christmas party.

I’m feeling delightfully pregnant – my belly is lovely and round and the baby moves pretty much non-stop. I’m still throwing up occasionally, pretty much exhausted all the time, but mostly feel pretty good. I’m really enjoying this pregnancy, especially now that the nausea has mostly passed. I love being pregnant. I love the way I feel as though my entire body is stuffed full of magic – and there’s something to be said for feeling so incredibly FEMALE – I am making a whole new person, right at this very moment. And that’s not all – I’m still able to nurse my son, providing him with antibodies and nutrition and comfort and love. My body is freaking amazing, and I’m more aware of that now than ever before. As much as I’d LOVE to be done with nursing – I’m secretly really proud of the fact that we’ve gone this long. I am the nursing QUEEN.

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