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Dec 09

oh the drama of it all

Don’t get me wrong, I love a little drama. A little emotional free for all, a little let it all go and cry your eyes out. I’m big for expressing whatever – the “hokey pokey theory of life” (phrase stolen from One True Theory of Love by Laura Fitzgerald). Whatever you’re feeling, be it joy or misery, put your whole self in it.

But my daughter takes it to a whole new extreme. She’s been wailing for the for past hour. About what, I’m not entirely sure, I tried to keep track, part of it was that her sisters were not coming over today, then it merged into some nose pain (??), and last I checked it was because her blistex wasn’t where she left it. I’ve given up and just sent her to her room to pull herself together, when she’s done crying, she’s welcome to come back out. But until then… I just can’t do it anymore. She’s just crying, and really getting into it, letting the full throated wail and screech come out – and it’s making me crazy… I know that this is part of what I love most about Jessie – her ability to feel everything so fully, it’s what makes her who she is, and I wouldn’t change it. Really. I just like to think about how nice it would be if she’d smile instead of sob on a day like today.

In other news – first snow day of the year. Marc and Sam went outside to clear off the car. And for the first time, I refused to trudge out there to keep an eye on Sam while he did it. He’s three, old enough to control himself out there, and he had a wonderful time. I ended up standing outside on the porch anyway, because Sam was nowhere near ready to come in by the time Marc was ready to go to work. I had my boots on barefoot and my winter coat over my nightgown and brought down my book and read while he played in the snow. It was sweet – he’s an outside boy – and expressed concern for “his trees” would they be okay in the snow? I assured him that trees LOVE snow, and would be just fine 🙂

The baby is moving, moving, moving. A lot, and I love it. Really, really love it. This is my favorite part of the pregnancy, so incredibly worth the first 14 weeks of utter hell 🙂

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