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Oct 23

Homeschooling Woes

My biggest challenge is time.  Just having enough TIME to fit it all in.  There are six days a week, I try to hit at least some homeschooling five or six of those days.  I have to work two of them, two of them I babysit all day, which means I’ve got three solid days with nothing OTHER than homeschooling to do.  But there are weekends and playdates and family stuff going on too.

I remind myself that the beauty of homeschooling is that it’s flexible.  That I can cram in a half hour of history here, two or three chapters of math there, and still get it all done.  When I total it all up, and look at what we do on a weekly basis, or a monthly basis, it’s always more than I think we did – but then I agonize over it, what did we miss?  Am I doing enough?  Is he ahead of where he should be?  Right on track?  Or the worst – IS HE BEHIND?

There’s all this weight – am I messing this whole thing up?  I look at what the girls do in public school and feel better about it – I know that he’s learning better one on one than they are.  I know that he accomplishes more, in many ways, than they do.  But I worry that I’m missing some huge piece – like writing.  I’m not doing enough with writing.  I mean, he’s reading and exploring different forms of writing – like poetry and essays and novels and non-fiction.  He’s reading (on audio books) high school level books.  He’s not doing a lot of book reports, or writing essays on his own yet.  We’re working on learning to type, which will help.  It’s so painfully difficult for him to write still – how much of that is because of the vision issues, and how much of it is that he’s just rusty – I don’t make him write because it’s so hard for him, which means that he’s not writing a lot… vicious circle, I know.

The reality is that I’m making this all up as I go along.  Much like everything else I do… and just hoping against hope that it’ll all work out in the end.

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