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Oct 27

My poor Jessie

She fell UP the stairs last week.  In keeping with my tradition of downplaying her injuries (like the broken wrist I ignored for 24 hours), I told her she was fine.  Her knee wasn’t swollen, it was just a little achy at the end of the day.  And then a little more achy.  Finally, we were wrapping it every  morning, taking motrin every afternoon and it had been almost a week.  Off to the doctor’s we went.

Because of her history of a zillion broken bones, strains, sprains and bumps, they’re reluctant to give her x-rays.  And where the pain is points to a torn MCL tendon, which wouldn’t show up on an x-ray anyway.  The nurse practitioner gave her crutches and a note to stay on them for the next five days.  It’s not a huge tear, probably fairly minor, but because she isn’t staying off it, it’s getting worse and not healing.

She went to school yesterday, armed with a note clearing her of being on restricted activities because of the concussion, and notification that she needed to be on crutches until Monday.

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