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Apr 29

I believe that happiness is something we create

Sure, it’s a line from a county music song, but it works for me. Last weekend, I took Jess to see the Hannah Montana movie (LOVED IT – I know, I’m a total dork), and we were singing to the radio on the way down there. There’s a band, Sugarland, and they have one song called “Baby Girl” and Jessie loved it, so when this other song by them came on, I turned it up loud for her. I think it’s called something like “Gotta be something more” but I could be making that up. One line that stuck in her little head was “Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate, but I believe that happiness is something we create” and she sang it off and on for the rest of the day.

My girl has some intense emotions – and it’s always easier for her to see the down side than the positive. It’s so frustrating at times, I watch her make her life SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT, not just for her, but for everyone around her by her stubborn insistence that she’s having the ‘baddest day ever’ or ‘the most horrible night in the world.’

But ever since last weekend, everytime she starts to sink down into the misery, I just remind her that she’s got the choice, and we believe that happiness is something we create – and IT WORKS. Second day in a row, she’s bounced out the door with smile on her face for school. I love it.

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