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Apr 30

I don’t care about the swine flu

I’m suffering from epidemic, panic-inducing, freak out fit overload. I’ve jumped on board with the new ice age when I was younger, the earth getting colder and colder, now global warming, Y2K, the anthrax scare, bird flu, and now swine flu. There’s always something new and more interesting to panic about, and I’m just worn out with it. I think, at 35, I’ve hit my life time limit on the amount of things that I can freak out about. I just no longer care. I think it’s horrible for all the people who have died from it, and I certainly don’t mean to minimize the suffering of those affected. That being said, I HIGHLY doubt that my life will be affected by this, and would prefer it if everyone would just stop talking about it.

In other news – Jessie started out unbelievably miserable this morning, insisting that she wasn’t going to school… and I quoted my little song at her “Jessie, remember, we believe that happiness is something WE create – so you can decide right now to have a good morning or a really crappy one, but either way, when Daddy leaves this morning, you’re going with him.” And she pulled it together, got herself under control, got dressed, had a nice breakfast and all was lovely.

I’m experimenting with snapfish and there’s the potential that my pictures are, even as I type, winging around the internet. But I haven’t gotten a confirmation e-mail yet, so I probably screwed it up somehow. Sad…

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