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Jun 02

I don’t like being home alone

There, I’ve said it.  I really don’t.

Marc’s out tonight, delivering pictures over to Charlotte Cohen’s house (long story).  And all three kids are asleep, and I’m taking advantage of the time and cleaning my little heart out.  I decided to spring clean out the kids’ playroom downstairs, and have gleefully filled two big bags full of broken toys, lost puzzle pieces, etc, and created an even bigger pile of toys that Marc will crunch down and make smaller to fit into still more trash bags.  But there are odd noises, and even though I know intellectually that I’m fine, I’m still totally freaked out.

It doesn’t help that Sam’s green light saber keeps randomly going off.  He left it out in the rain (actually Kolbe did, and we found it today) and I thought it was broken when Sam brought it over crying because it wouldn’t make noise or light up anymore.  But no, it was just wet, and has apparently, over the course of the day, dried itself out.  Only now – it just keeps going off.  It crackles and sometimes lights up, and keeps making that ominous “I’m going to kill you” noise.  I’ve tried shutting it off, but it keeps magically turning itself back on.  Either that, or it’s possessed by a ghost.  I mean, it’s probably just that the wiring is all weird because it was out in the torrential downpours yesterday – but that explanation begins to wear thin when it’s just me.  Alone.  With a light saber that keeps going off.

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