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Jun 06

Top ten things I adore about Jessica Mary

(disclaimer – these are in no particular order, and I could easily come up with a million more…)

1 – She’s incredibly emotive.  You name it, she feels it 150%. She’s all heart, my girl, and I hope with all my heart that she is always going to be this softhearted.
2 – She’s unthinkingly maternal.  She doesn’t think about whether or not she should pick up a crying baby, she just does it.  She knows without ever being told how to soothe and comfort her siblings and does it automatically.
3 – She’s got this completely off beat fashion sense.  She’s far from obsessed with her appearance, but has this inimitable style that’s uniquely her own.
4 – She loves to read, and is always in the middle of at least two or three books.
5 – She hugs all of our relatives at parties.  She hugs everyone when we get there, and hugs them all goodbye when we leave.  I don’t have to tell her to do it, she just knows they want her to do it, and does it every.single.time.
6 – She’s intensely spiritual.  She really, really thinks about God and the universe, and does her very best to learn all that she can.  But there’s a level of spiritual awareness that you have that’s beyond what you can be taught, and my daughter is stuffed full of it.
7.  She frequently uses Hebrew in casual conversation.  It’s confusing, as I don’t speak it at all, but I love that she really enjoys learning and using the skill.
8.  She’s heartbreakingly beautiful, with big chocolate brown eyes, the most perfect nose and a rosebud mouth, gorgeous skin and the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen.
9.  She’d rather listen to the soundtrack to the Sound of Music than the soundtrack to Camp Rock.
10.  She still crawls up into my lap, and fits as perfectly there as she did when she was a seven pound infant.

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