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Dec 04

I love a Tuesday

Having a delightful sort of day today – the sun is (not) shining and the everyone was cheerful and friendly this morning.  Which is rare, honestly, so I’m taking it as a sign that today is going to be freaking AWESOME.  
Today is my free day, devoted to cleaning, baking and probably some reading.  Tomorrow, I’ve got a Mommy and Me planning meeting, Thursday, we’re getting the tree, Friday is Shabbat and pizza party for first graders, and then Saturday starts Hanukkah.  There’s a concert at Emmanuel that we may or may not go to, and then Sunday, it’s Marc’s family party in the morning.  Which reminds me that I have to bake cookies for that.  Next weekend, Abby’s birthday is on Sunday morning.  And I’ve got another Hanukkah party that night.  
Will not be getting a $30 Elf on a Shelf.  Am researching other alternatives, and trying to come up with a positive spin.  In our family – we do fairies on a shelf.  Does that sound reasonable?  Or puppies on a shelf – we’ve got a lot of stuffed puppies.  Or even… Shoo Butt (Sam’s stuffed lizard) on a Shelf.  There are lots of viable alternatives.  I just need to explain to Marc that from now until Christmas, every night, he has to make the coffee and find a new place to put the damn elf.  Or Shoo Butt.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it – I really should hide three different things, right?  Because you know they’ll battle over who’s going to find it first.  This is a complex little tradition, but Sam’s really into it. 

Another thing he’s really into is the daily chocolate.  My mother bought the kids advent calendars, and I think it’s brilliant.  I use them as bribes – if they get dressed quickly enough, they can all open their days and get a tiny square of chocolate.  I may look into celebrating Advent all year round.  Julie, yesterday, slept late and missed it in the morning, and then midday, went and found it, and opened just one day to get her daily allotment.  

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