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Apr 01

I miss writing

I’ve still got computer problems, complicated by the fact that I still have internet access so it doesn’t always FEEL like I’ve got computer problems.  I can still email and facebook, but serious writing now requires me digging the lap top out of Jessie’s room, plugging it in in the living room and blogging with Julianna on my arm (because she likes to sit right up next to me, all the time, and it makes writing a bit more complicated).

So I don’t blog as much as I should, and I miss it.

Passover starts in two days, and I’m late to the party.  I don’t do Passover right, at least not the way that I should be doing it according to Jewish law.  For example, there are some pretzels that I know are under my couch (which isn’t good, on any level, I know that – but it’s even worse because I’m supposed to be thoroughly cleansing my house of all levening).  And my car – holy moly, is my car so not ready for Passover.  I usually try and clean it out on Wednesdays – and today I realized that Sammy Boy had dumped an entire bag of goldfish crackers in the way back.  The way back is his area – Julie sits behind the drivers seat, and Jessie sits in the passenger seat – so the way back becomes this incredibly disgusting area that Sammy lives in – because he loves filth.

I digress.  Passover is starting, and I’m a flurry of activity.  We’re running a Seder tonight at St. Michaels, and we’ve got Seders on Friday and Saturday night.  Sunday is Easter, and we’ll be cramming in egg decorating Saturday during the day, between the Seders (which is amusing to me, that I do egg decorating for Easter right in the middle of the Passover Prep.   Sunday afternoon, we’re hosting a Welcome Spring/Happy Easter party at my house in the afternoon, with lots of chocolate (because Marc believes that all Christian holidays need to be commemorated with candy).  Then we’ll have our Irish Seder next Friday night – which is conveniently the last night of Passover.

The kids are psyched about Passover, mainly for the chocolate covered matzoh and matzoh ball soup.  I’m happy that spring is finally here, and we’re able to start thinking about summer.  We’re planning Julianna’s birthday party, and Mother’s Day and thinking about summer activities.  Jessie has decided to stop playing the flute and start learning piano.  I don’t have a piano, which is another issue that I’ll have to figure out – can I just get a good keyboard and let her learn on that?  Sam is steadfast in his refusal to do anything at all this summer, no JCC camp, no boy scout camp, nothing.  He wants to sell lemonade – that’s his whole plan for the summer.  Julianna is going to start dance lessons, specifically what she calls “hippity hop” lessons.

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