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Aug 30

I love Sundays

Got up this morning bright and early with Samilicious. We’ve been playing musical beds lately, and Marc was in Jessie’s bed, Jess was on the couch until about six thirty or so, and Sam was in mine. I’ve got to get that situation under control – a queen size isn’t big enough for all of us! I left Jessie asleep in our bed, and Sam and I got up. Strangely enough – the child actually went on the potty for the first time. Ever. I asked, the way I do, every now and again, if he’d like to sit on the potty, he did, and after a little while, he said he went and I completely ignored it. Which was probably the best thing to do, as Sam’s not the kind of kid who thrives on praise. I figured he was just making it up. But lo and behold, he honestly did pee in the potty. Of course, twenty minutes later, he peed all over the floor – but still – progress…

Jess and I went for a lovely walk down to the park, we held hands the whole way and talked about the new school year. She’s planned out her outfit for the first day – a beige skirt and a white t-shirt, because, as she explained, she’s kind of shy and wants to blend in on the first day. Then she’s going to rock out on the second day, with sparkly jeans and her new pink t-shirt with sparkles on it. My mother in law got her a new backpack with wheels and she’s good to go. She starts on Wednesday… and I’m filled with mixed feelings. I hope it goes well for her, I hope she loves it and makes lots of new friends and learns a lot – but I’m going to miss her so much. So much of raising kids is watching them outgrow us – she’ll be in school from 8-2:30 every day, dance on Wednesdays. Next year, she’ll have school, Hebrew School Monday and Wednesdays and Thursdays’ll be dance. She’s getting so big so very very fast. And after six and a half years of motherhood, I’m still not used to it.

The baby is doing well… although at five weeks and two days – the baby isn’t doing all that much on a regular basis that I’m aware of. I still feel sick, but not as much as I’d like… which is to say, not all the time. Because, really, only when I’m sick do I feel secure about this pregnancy. I’ve got a lot of fatigue (but with two little kids – I’m always tired anyway, so I don’t think it’s much of a difference). I’m definitely chubbier, my maternity clothes are unbelievably comfortable, nursing is more and more uncomfortable…

Speaking of nursing – I’ve dialed back the weaning process. It was making Sam crazy – he’s definitely not ready for it to be over. Although he’s only nursed once today since six thirty this morning. The less I push it, the less he nurses – if that makes sense. I’m still thinking I’m going to do night weaning again, but it’s so hard on both of us…

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