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Aug 31

My son the druid

Having a delightful sort of day – unbelievably crappy night’s sleep, but I got up nice and early, took Samilicious out for a walk this morning. I’m trying to walk in the mornings, just to get a little exercise, a little fresh air, and Sam and I enjoyed our walk tremendously until the end. We were talking about trees, his favorite trees (which are all of them) and he was giving each one a kiss and a hug as we walked by, when it suddenly occured to him that they had no roof, and were going to get wet when it rained. Not that it was raining, or threatening to rain – but the fact of the matter was that it would rain eventually, and the thought of his favorite trees, out there, exposed and helpless, was simply too much for him, and he started to cry. Sad, heartbroken crying, and there was nothing I could say that would dissuade him. I assured him that trees weren’t like little boys, and they liked the rain, it helped them to grow, but it didn’t help. He cried so hard he couldn’t walk and I had to lug him the rest of the way home.

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