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Nov 18

I love Tuesdays

Just my favorite day. And it’s bright and sunshiney outside (freezing cold, so I’m not actually going outside, but the sight of the sun still makes me smile) and all is right in my world. The boys are getting along wonderfully, Harrison is singing away to himself and Sam is very focused on eating. He asked for a glass of water, not a sippie cup, but a BIG cup, and then immediately dumped it into Marc’s coffee cup and is very happy with himself. He’s fallen hard for Marc – he talks about him all day, waits up for him at night, it’s awesome. I can’t express how much I enjoy watching that relationship grow.

Jess and I have such an intense relationship. The connection is so strong, and she’s such a strong personality, I think she and I have such a close, intimate bond. Intimate, intense… all these I words keep coming to mind when I think about my daughter. Sometimes we are all sweetness and light, a mutual admiration society. But she can make me crazier than almost anyone else. I recognize myself in her so much… and now I fully understand why so many people talk about the mother/daughter connection. I have a really good relationship with my mother, I always have, but my connection with Jessica is so unbelievably… intimate and intense :-). It’s hard to articulate – suffice it to say that I am pleased that my husband and son have a similiar connection to each other. Sammy loves me, don’t get me wrong, but he WORSHIPS Marc, like a God.

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