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Nov 17

I’m a healthy girl

I am. I swear it. And my kids are healthy as well. But this winter, it’s not living up to the standards that I have set. I feel like I’ve had a cold, not a bad one, but a persistent one, for several weeks, and so has Sam. Sam runs a fever when he’s sick (which Jessica never did) and the poor kid was up all last night, not unhappily, just couldn’t breathe when he was laying down. He’s been running around and happy all day, but I’ve got the headache that won’t quit and I know it’s a sinus infection. I just took some cold meds, and you know it has to be bad for me to voluntarily take that stuff.

I’m taking a break from folding the fifteen loads of laundry that I did over the weekend (okay, it’s only four, but it feels like fifteen), and listening to Jessie read to herself and Sam repeat over and over again ‘Dessi, play wit me!’ in an ever increasingly urgent tone. Soon, he’ll start screaming or whacking her (let’s be honest, he’ll do both), and she’ll start howling – and the headache will intensify. Good times…

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