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Jul 09

I think I might be a hoarder

I’m probably not.  Because I’m pretty sure that I can throw most of this crap away easily enough.  Maybe it’s just that I’ve got three kids and a husband who ignores everything in the house that doesn’t immediately impact him.  So if there are piles of paper tipping over on the desk, he doesn’t see it.

I’m speculating that if I threw away 90% of the toys here, nobody would notice.

Unless they were here to watch it go.  They’d notice then, and sob unrelentingly until I put it all back.  Because the second they see it go, that’s the moment they realize that they NEED that particular toy, whatever that toy is, regardless of the fact that they’ve ignored it for the past six months.  Obviously, what  I need to do is get a dumpster and send the children away for the day.

Very tired this morning – Jessie wanted to sleep in with me last night, as did Sam.  Jessie was feeling lonely, I know, because her beloved Glennys went home yesterday and her bedroom was too sad all by herself.  Sam ended up in there because Marc got home sometime after midnight and it was just easier for him to crash in his room and leave Samilicious where he was.  It’s a king size bed, so we all fit in there comfortably – it was just kind of hot.  The two girls are still asleep, as is poor Marc.  I need to go food shopping, but I don’t want to leave Julie here.  Not because Marc’s not completely capable of handling her, but when she wakes up and I’m not here, she expresses her extreme disappointment loudly and inconsolably.  Which isn’t a pleasant thing to wake up, especially when you worked until after midnight.

Plus, I had a really crappy dream.  I had nowhere to live, and it was so horrible.  This househunting process is horrible – but nowhere near as horrible as it was almost two years ago, when he-who-shall-not-be-named broke our lease with three weeks notice and we couldn’t find an apartment in time and had to put all our stuff in storage and stay with Sara and Arlen for a month. Not that staying with Sara and Arlen was hard, because that was kind of fun, but the whole process  of searching and searching and being unsuccessful was really one of the worst things that had ever happened to me.

It’s important to remember that we’re in a very different place right now, and even if we can’t find a place – we do have a home.  And a landlord that adores us, and there’s no real rush, other than my own desire to be in a place that we can have a dog.   I need to take a day or two off, because I’ve spent a lot of the past few days on the phone with different finance guys, crunching numbers and scouring real estate websites, searching for houses in the right price range and location.

So today – no house hunting.  It’s beautiful and cool outside, and my windows are open for the first time in a week.  I’m going to clean today, and throw away as many little toys as I can.  When nobody is looking.  In preparation for when I move (see?  I can’t stop myself…)

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