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Jul 19

Mid-July Status Report

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Probably for a couple of reasons, but one of the biggies is that I’m just flat out heat stunned by how freaking HOT it is in Massachusetts this summer.  We’re on day 58 of this massive heat wave, and I’m holed up in the house with all the kids.  It’s like we’re camping, really.  We’ve got the air conditioners going, and enough food to keep everyone happy.  We play board games, I freak out at least once a day about the fact that the house is a mess and nobody is helping me clean.  The kids build forts, work on summer reading, fight bitterly, play board games, watch far too much television, and play elaborate imaginary games that require more setup and planning than actual execution.

Jessie and Julie had their physicals yesterday.  Both are happy, healthy content girls.  Jessie, at ten, is exactly twice as heavy as Julie at three.  35lbs and 70lbs.  Julie is way ahead of where she should be, milestone wise, and Jessie is a paragon of health, despite a staggering number of random injuries over the past year.  Concussion, foot injury, thumb problems, knee issues and just yesterday, she bent her finger backwards and is now wandering around with it taped to the one next to it.  I raised the concept of her pain tolerance just being exceptionally low with the pediatrician, and she just smiled at Jessie and told her that she was highly sensitive.  Highly sensitive – that’s a better way of putting it than drama queen, right?

On a side note – I love my pediatrician.  I’ve known her since Jessie was two years old, and she’s wonderful.  Not at all an alarmist, very relaxed and hugely knowledgeable.   And before we left, she reached over, took my hand in both of hers and told me that I was a wonderful mother.  I think that’s how all pediatrician’s should end appointments.

Samilicious Boy is having a good summer.  He’s such an even tempered, easy kid.  Except when he isn’t – but those occasions are such a major departure from his basic personality that it doesn’t detract from my impression of him.  He’s just relaxed, happy, good natured and easy going.



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