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Aug 14

I’m so tired

Last night was a rough night.  As they are occasionally.  I struggle with falling asleep at times, but almost never actually have insomnia.  I just read until I can’t keep my eyes open, or put on the television and listen until I can’t stand it anymore and fall asleep.  But Marc – who’s the exact opposite of me, didn’t sleep at all.

He’s a champion sleeper, as a rule.  Falls asleep easily and effortlessly, can sleep with the television on, lights blaring.  It’s awesome, and awe inspiring, and what’s even better is that my Samilicious is the exact same way.  Simply goes until he’s tired, asks to lay down, and then he’s off to sleep.  In minutes.  Jessie fights it, hard, and always has.  I sense that Julie will be like Sam and Marc, because she’s always been super easy to put down to sleep as well.

But my rambling point is that last night Marc didn’t sleep.  At all.  The nasty downside to the easy fall asleep thing is that there are occasionally nights when he just doesn’t sleep.   I nagged him to going to bed at eleven thirty or so, and we stayed up talking for a while.  Not fighting, but it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.  I went to sleep, finally, not happily, but asleep around one-ish.  He woke me up around three thirty or so, and we were up for another hour or so.  I had just drifted back off, when Sam woke up and came into bed with us.  He shimmied and wiggled and sneezed several times (thank you ragweed) and finally fell back asleep.  Marc got up around four thirty, and apparently came back out in the living room and read for a while, and ended up falling asleep on Sam’s bed around six.

He woke up around ten this morning.

It’s been a lazy, boring day.  The kids played outside a little, but mostly, we all laid around and vegged.  I’ve done a ton of laundry, and Marc’s got a lot done on fixing Jessie’s wall in her bedroom.  He’s in the process of repairing it, a monster project that involved ripping down the plaster, getting sheet rock and attaching that, and then joint compound and sanding, wrapping the whole thing up by painting the entire room.



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