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Aug 15


We’re in the middle of allergy season.  Again.  Spring and fall are the worst – and there’s a small period of time, in the dead center of summer and winter when things are relatively okay.  But Jessie and Sam are sniffling away all the time, having trouble sleeping and making me think that buying stock in Kleenex would be a good idea.

I woke up early this morning, but not as early as Jessie.  She’s still a tiny little thing (literally, I have accidentally put her underwear on Julie a few times and not really noticed – and it’s not that Julie is a big kid, but her big sister is so stinking skinny that despite the seven years separating them, they can kind of wear the same undies), but that girl STOMPS around the house.  She’s not angry or unhappy, just has an exceptionally heavy tread, I guess.  Anyway, she was up earlier than I was, and was happily stomping around the house.

Much better night’s sleep last night – Julie went to bed early.  We had Lilli and Sarah over for dinner, and the chaos was a little overwhelming.  Marc has a much higher tolerance for the noise and insanity, so sometimes it’s just better for everyone if I retire a little earlier.  I got her to bed by seven thirty or so, and then just chilled out, watching television all by myself.  I put Jessie down to bed on the couch, because her room is still in shambles, and had Sam sleep in my bed.  Marc slept in Sam’s – just because he had slept so little last night, I wanted to take no chances on his sleep being disturbed.

Jessie and I were up alone for a while, watching news and chatting.  She’s leaving with Marc in a few minutes to go pick up Glennys.  Then my little Sammy got up.  He’s such a sweet boy, and he got his little self up, went to the bathroom and got himself dressed and wandered out into the living room.  He was wearing my favorite outfit, his denim shorts and a t-shirt, and suddenly looked so big and so stinking cute.  Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of my kids, and really see them – not just as the day to day kid who’s hanging around my house, but as this incredibly miraculous creature that I’m blessed enough to parent every day.

It’s going to be a good day today.



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