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Jan 09

It feels like March 2020

This is not where I thought we’d be in January of 2022. But it’s not altogether bad either.

The omicron variant of the virus is running rampant, and we may or may not have it. We can’t get tested, so there’s no way to know, either way. Julie’s sick, sore throat, cough, some congestion. Becky and Abby are still at home, quarantining because they tested positive a week ago. In theory, we could have been exposed from them, but the tests are few and far betweeen. We managed to test Jules last Wednesday, and in theory, she was negative. At least, we didn’t hear otherwise, and now so many people are getting tested, we operate on the no news is good news. We’ll get a call if it’s positive.

Everyone is healthy – except for Julie. Who was fine, and in theory, she was negative last week. But rumors are circulating that a kid in her math class may have tested positive, so maybe she was exposed again? I can’t get through to her pediatrician’s office, but it’s Sunday. And what are they going to do? They were testing out a week in advance, so possibly I can get it though the school?

But it doesn’t feel safe going anywhere or doing anything. Because even if we are all negative, we could get exposed so easily. So we’re home. As we were yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. Jessie is still going to work, Marc is still going to work. Julie was still going to school. Sam and I don’t really do that much, braille lessons, trips to the library and grocery store. We bought new masks, K94, which are supposed to be so much better than all the pretty masks I bought over the past two years. We go nowhere we don’t have to – and eye everyone suspiciously from behind our masks.

We’re watching movies and crocheting, reading and baking. And worrying about Julie. She’s not hard core sick, sore throat, stuffy, coughing. Not something I’d think twice about two years ago. But now? I don’t know if she’s got covid. She shouldn’t. She’s vaccinated, and wears her mask diligently. Do I keep her home tomorrow? And try and find a test somewhere? Or skip the test, and just keep her home until Thursday (because that would be Day 5 after she started showing symptoms)? Do I have a choice? I legitimately might not be able to get her tested.

Not where I expected to be, in January of 2022.

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