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Dec 05

It’s official – Sam is as dramatic as his sister

I was running a bit late this morning (which doesn’t have much to do with the story), Marc had gotten a ride into work early, and I had to drop Jess off at school. I made the challah this morning, and wanted to get it done before I left the house, so I didn’t rush Jess or Sam and we had a peaceful, relaxed morning. Everyone was dressed, fed and cheerful before we started out. We dropped Jessica off, and she got there before the attendance was taken, so she wasn’t actually late, which was lovely, and then I crossed the street with Sam to go to the grocery store. Which was where I ran into the first temper tantrum. Sammy likes to ‘click’ himself in. He likes to get into his car seat by himself, and then click the top of it while I click in the bottom. Only this time, it all went awry. I clicked him in all the way, and he started screaming. He screamed while I walked around the car, got inside, and reached back to unclick him. At which point he started screaming that he wanted to take his jacket off.

I didn’t let him do that, and when he didn’t stop screaming and click himself, I reached back and did it myself. So he cried the whole way to the grocery store. He cried all the way thru the store, culminating in an out and out knock down fit in aisle nine when I refused to buy the little thing of flour. I only needed a little bit for the challah, and didn’t really want to spend any money on it, but the five pound bag was twenty cents more than the one pound bag, and Marc would KILL me if I bought the little one. I left him in the aisle, did the self check out, retrieved my screaming toddler (although I would have preferred to pretend I didn’t know him – I’ve been there enough so that everyone recognizes he’s mine), brought him out the car, buckled him in, still screaming (although he did manage to click himself that time) and brought him home. At which point, he snapped out of it, and is now happily having a snack and milk.

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