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Dec 09

Calming down

I’m more relaxed about it. The whole Christmas/Judaism thing. It’s not an easy situation, but given how incredibly lucky I am in so many ways – this is really a good problem to have. My kids are healthy and happy, my marriage is vibrant and strong, and I’m going to do my very best to focus on that. On making sure that I’m happy with my decision, not making sure that everyone around me is. As long as Marc and I are on the same page (and we are) and presenting a united front to the kids, then the kids are thrilled and happy – and that’s what matters. At least that’s what I’m going to continue telling myself 🙂

Moving on… I’m home today with just my little boy. Jordyn will be here tonight and Jess is missing dance because we don’t have a way to get her there. Annie is working, John is working, and I don’t want to have Yvonne out driving in the rain. So we’ll have a nice, peaceful afternoon. I’m making a lovely dinner, perhaps I’ll even bake a cookie or two. Clean the house, mop the floor, do some laundry, it’ll be very relaxed and peaceful today. Laundry is spinning, I just finished my second cup of coffee, Sam’s eating fruit and cereal for breakfast (as opposed to the chocolate and cheerios I sent Jess off to school with). I gave Jess carrot sticks for lunch, so I’m counting on that to make up for the candy for breakfast. I’ve discovered that a touch of chocolate will cut off a temper tantrum, and honestly, it’s a price I’m willing to pay sometimes.

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