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Jul 02

It’s raining again

In case anyone was interested.

Very groggy this morning – both kids ended up in bed with me last night. Marc has been sleeping in Sam’s bed because he’s got this nasty cold thing going on, and both of the cherubs were up a lot. Every now and again, Marc’s boss decides to have a meeting at the crack of dawn, just to make my life difficult (although he calls it the 8 am sales meeting), so this morning, I had to pry first myself up and get dressed, choke down some coffee, haul Jess up, get her dressed and shove some breakfast at her, and then get Sam dressed (every change a diaper on a sleeping boy? Immediate erection once the air hits the penis) and out the door. Did I mention that it’s raining? A lot? Thunder and lighting, buckets of rain just pouring down on us…

But now I’m home, everyone is either at work, at camp, or settled down in front of Lazy Town with cheerios, and I’m starting to feel a sense of optimism and cheeriness. Yes, the coffee is starting to kick in ;-). I like Thursdays – I’m making homemade pizza for lunch, and beans and hot dogs for dinner, in case anyone is thinking of stopping by ;-). I’m also going out tonight – library night. I might take Marc and kids. Tough to tell, but either way, I’m going because they’re closed tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday, we’re leaving for Hermit Island. I think this is the 21st year that I’ve gone. I missed a couple, one year I was nine months pregnant with Sam (and actually delivered him in the middle of the vacation week), but other than that, it’s been really consistent – and as much as I’m dreading three days with no Marc, I’m looking forward to it as well. We’re going to try and go camping around here some in August as well, I have lots of fun memories of camping as a child, and I think the kids would love it as well.

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