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Oct 05

I’ve got a giggly girl :-)

Those babycenter e-mails telling you what milestones your child is supposed to be achieving are both fun and infuriating.  My e-mail told me two weeks ago that this girl should be chuckling away and I was perplexed and (just a tiny bit) worried.  Why, why wouldn’t she laugh?  I tried everything, and finally got her to giggle yesterday for the first time.  I pretended to eat her.  That’s what did it.  Then I accidentally burped at her, and she laughed at that as well :-). 

Julianna is really so much fun.  She’s just a joy – she’s so happy all the time.  She’s still a crappy napper during the day, really only sleeping when she’s nursing.  I’ve started feeding her, but noticed that she’s spitting up a LOT more, so now am thinking that perhaps I should hold back a bit on that. 

Sam is doing well… the great unwashed is now what I’m calling him.  He needs a bath, and is flat out refusing.  I can (and have) forced this in the past, because after all, I’m a lot bigger than he is.  But he will literally scream until he vomits in the tub, and nobody really wins there.  So I’m trying to coax him into doing it, but if he doesn’t do it willingly this afternoon, then I’m going to have to force it tonight.  Sigh… he’s so mild mannered and chipper most of the time – but incredibly strong willed about certain things.  And personal cleanliness (or lack thereof) is one of them.

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