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Mar 16

I’ve resigned myself to being pregnant a LITTLE longer

And it’s even a good thing, because Sam is STILL sick. He’s much, much better, but still has a runny nose and really bad cough in the middle of the night. And I wouldn’t want to expose the baby to that. So it’s good that she’s safe in utero for a little bit longer. Say another week or so :-). Rationally, I get that a little more lung development would be a good thing, and bigger babies nurse better, sleep longer, have fewer health issues, I get all that. Rationally. But emotionally? The sheer fact that I’ve got another six weeks to go if she goes full term just blows my freaking mind. Seriously? SIX MORE WEEKS? Crazy.

I’m still freaking out a little about the whole birth thing. No way around it, she’s going to come out in some horribly painful sort of way. I’m still planning on a VBAC, and there’s no reason to assume that it won’t work, except that, having had one C-section before that wasn’t planned, I can’t not include it in my list of things that might happen. Not that I’d really mind another C-section, I don’t have my heart set on natural childbirth, I’m pretty open to whatever. I’m really going to try and go with no epidural this time, though, because Sam’s labor was just so crappy, and I think the epidural just hindered the pushing and did nothing for the back labor (i.e. leg and hip cramps), so I still got all the pain, plus it numbed the need to push as well.

In other news – SPRING IS HERE!!! I woke up this morning to actual blue skies and sunshine. Am going to take the boys (Sam and Harrison) out for a walk this morning 🙂

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