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Mar 17

34 week appt

All is well in babyland. I’ve only gained ten pounds so far, which I mention just for the sake of mentioning it. I have no real control over it, because I’ve been eating a lot and exercising next to not at all, so have no idea why I’m not gaining weight. But I’m not complaining – less to lose afterwards :-). The baby is measuring great, moving all the time. Lots of braxton hicks contractions, lots of round ligament pain and my midwife is mildly sympathetic, but basically this is just what happens when it’s my uterus and it’s the third baby. The other two babies – I had NOTHING until I actually went into labor, but this one is going to make my life utter hell until she finally appears. My theory is that the pregnancy is insane so that the baby will be all laid back and relaxed and cool. Instead of the crazy psycho baby that Sam was (seriously screamed unless I was holding him until he was six or seven months old), and the intense lovable drama queen that my girl is to this day.

Am exhausted – Jess had a rough night’s sleep last night. Usually, she’s a great sleeper, once she’s out, she’s out and I don’t hear from her until the next morning, but last night, she just couldn’t stay asleep. And usually I just let her crawl into bed with me and she goes back to sleep, but I’m so big now that sleeping in general is tough, and sleeping with a seven year old snuggled up to me is impossible. So I eventually took her back to her bed and laid there with her for a while, and then snuck back into mine, only to have her pop back into my bed three or four hours later.

Sam’s already out for the night – Wednesdays are tough because of all the running (doctor’s appts and dance class) and I’m just letting Jess finish watching Wizards of Waverly Place before we snuggle down with Chapter 10 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 🙂

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