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Jul 13

Jessie’s physical and other updates

She’s a healthy girl, above average for height, and below average for weight, but since she’s always been that way, it’s not a concern now.  She’s just tall and thin and that’s that.  She’s now on daily allergy meds, a nasal spray at night and claritin during the day and got an rx for both of them.  She’s also nowhere near puberty – it can start as early as nine, but Dr. Slota said that it’ll be several years before she gets there.  Her heart condition (in that the blood goes thru the chambers of her heart counterclockwise instead of clockwise) common and benign, but Dr. Slota said just to keep an eye on her and if she starts fainting, we’d want to bring her back in for testing.  

I’m lonely and sad with everyone in Maine and would like you all to return as soon as possible.   In other news – Julianna is happily potty training, we’re nowhere near done, but she’s having more hits than misses, so we’ll get there.   I gave Samilicious a hair cut last night and he no longer looks like Wolfman, and I think we can all agree on that being a good thing.  

Am actually fairly worn out at the moment, after surviving a forty five minute screaming fit of Jessie.  It wasn’t screaming, so much as it was just sobbing.  When she and Sam fight, as they often do, she’s snippy and mean and to be fair, he’s all together too quick to haul off and whack her.  In this case, she was snapping at him for asking too many questions and he came sobbing in, saying that she was being mean to him.  As she was, being mean, I yelled at her, and she then went off.  One thing led to another, adding in a stubbed toe in the middle of the mess, and she just cried off and on forever.  She’s so overtired, and in the end, I told her she needed to either stop crying or just go outside.  She went outside, came back in sobbing and finally, she was at the point where she’d actually listen to me and calm down.  I laid her down on my bed, held her in my arms and just told her to stop talking.  Just breathe – in and out, in and out, until she could calm herself down.    And thank goodness for TLC and recorded episodes of Cupcake Wars, because she’s laying down right now, still vaguely hyperventilating, but calm.  

This girl is no joke when she’s overtired.  She was up at five thirty this morning and I sincerely wish she’d go to sleep for a nap this afternoon.  I may not make it otherwise.

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