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Apr 13

Just one more thing

This has to be a record for me – three posts in one day. But I just got back from going out to dinner with my two cherubs. We walked a couple of blocks over and had pizza together. We were the only ones in the restaurant, and the owner put on cartoons for them to watch while we ate. They were sitting across from me, munching on pizza, and I was struck suddenly by how incredibly beautiful they were. With their matching eyes, and facial shapes – their coloring is totally different, Jess has dark brown curls and Sam has straight light brown hair, but there’s this similiarity to them. They’ve got Marc’s facial shape, mine is longer, and my eyes – but they were so perfect, sitting there together. At one point, Sam leaned up against Jess, and she casually put her arm around him – and it was one of those moments when you’re just so incredibly grateful for the children you have, for the love they share and the joy they bring. I’ll never forget that moment – when I’m ninety three and can’t remember how to tie my own shoes, I’ll be able to think back to this one particular night and remember how that felt, to sit across from them and think to myself about how incredibly lucky I am – to have created these two children, these two people – who are going to grow and become adults who’ll always have that bond, that unspoken, quiet ease with each other. He depends on her, and she takes care of him – and it’s stunning in it’s beauty sometimes.

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