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Apr 14


Still with the contractions – but not in labor. I feel like I’m living in this odd holding pattern, any plans I make are tentative, everything. Even something as simple as planning to take Jess to dance, in the back of my mind, I’m making contingency plans about what I’ll do if my water suddenly breaks. I’m trying to keep the house constantly clean, food in the house, laundry done and put away, floors vacuumed just in case.

I’m grumpy today – for a whole bunch of reasons, but mostly it feels like I’ve got a killer case of PMS, because it’s not rational stuff that’s bugging me. I’m just mad at everything. Not mad, that’s not the right word. I’m aggravated by everything.

On the upside – Sam stayed dry again all night – first night without wearing pull -ups. He’s officially potty trained, dry thru the night and I’m very proud. I had always thought that boys were so much tougher, but he was actually pretty easy, and certainly got to be night dry a lot earlier than Jessie did. I’m still a little shocked by it, and feel as though somehow he grew up when I wasn’t paying attention.

Jessica woke up this morning in the same mood that I’m in right now. She hates stupid school, she wasn’t going and doesn’t know why I signed her up for it in the first place. She complained for about five minutes, furious at me, and then I very calmly told her that she was going regardless and we could either do it the easy way or Daddy would drag her out kicking and screaming and we’d all be miserable. And just like that, she turned it around and was sunshiney happy, ate, got dressed, and danced out the door with a smile on her face. Very nice self control on her part, I was pleased 🙂

My house is clean, and the kids are playing together gorgeously. I’ve got Sam and Jordyn here – and they are the best of friends today. With these two, they’re either best friends or mortal enemies and there’s no way to predict which it’s going to be. But they’ve been playing together happily for about three hours now, going from playing with the dragon castle, the plastic food, the doctor kit, drifting into a superhero game and then starting all over again.

My mother is coming with me to my doctor’s appt today, because with two toddlers, it’s just not a good idea to go to a 38 week doctor’s appt, complete with painful internal exam, by myself. She’s goign to come in and hear the heartbeat and then take the kids downstairs to the lobby area. The hospital where I’ll be having the baby has this gorgeous atrium, with a waterfall, Dunkin Donuts and a gift shop that sells penny candy. Then I’ve got a busy afternoon of dance class, time at the playground, dashing to get Marc, rushing to get the girls at Hebrew School and then back home for dinner, baths and bed. Unless I randomly go into labor, in which case, all plans are off.

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