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May 14

Kids growing up

They’re both getting so big so fast – it feels like all of a sudden, they’ve both morphed into these new creatures.

Sam’s a kid now, he’s not a toddler anymore, and he’s definitely not a baby. He’s got this distinct personality that’s unlike everyone in the house. He can be just as dramatic as his sister, but gets over things a lot faster. He still loves all things related to superheros (frequently, out of nowhere, I’ll hear him whisper to himself “Super Sammy to the rescue!”) and athletics, baseball, hockey (?? don’t even know where he heard of hockey) and football are favorite topics. He’s definitely still Mommy-centric in a lot of ways, but when Marc is here, he’s 100% focused on him. Sitting on Daddy’s lap, playing on the computer is a favorite activity. He loves to cook, both real and pretend. He’s very resilient, physically, little injuries rarely make an impact. He’s walking around with skinned knees from the other day, I didn’t even realize that he had fallen until we got home from the park. He hasn’t outgrown his bath phobia, and is still, hands down, the grubbiest little kid I’ve ever met. He’s affectionate, loves to snuggle up with me. If he’s sitting down, watching television, he always asks if I can sit with him, or if he sees me sitting, will climb up, just to hang out with me. Has no interest at all in potty training or in weaning, so he’s obviously not all grown up yet 🙂

Jess is growing up SO fast. She’s still my drama girl, loves nothing more than explaining how horrible her day is going, still makes stories up so I’m never sure if what she’s telling me is the truth or utter fantasy (I’m not sure if she knows). But she’s becoming so adult in a lot of ways, doing the dishes, or cleaning up after the kids. She still snuggles into me to fall asleep every night, is reading more and more on her own. She’s trying to decide between cutting her hair short or growing it long, but still wants me to pick out her clothes in the morning. She’s very affectionate with me, and to a lesser extent, with Marc, but you have to almost pay her to get her to hug anyone else. She and Lilli have grown closer over the past couple of months, and have taken to just disappearing into Jessie’s room when the girls are over and playing for hours, just the two of them. She’s afraid of her bike, still, but I’m hoping to get her up and on it this weekend. She’s become a lot more mature lately, more of a help around the house, more of a grown up girl – don’t get me wrong, she can still tantrum with the best, but I’m sensing a little mental growth spurt. To go along with the physical one – she’s all arms and legs – SKINNY arms and legs.

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