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May 20

Life with a toddler

I set Julianna up with her favorite lunch, pita and hummus, and was bopping around the house, doing whatever it is that I do all day.  Suddenly, she starts hollering in from the living room… “MAMA – I dot hummus on my toes!”  As I’m wiping hummus off her grubby little feet, I ask, not really wanting to know the answer, how did the hummus get on her toes.  By sticking her feet into it, she explains patiently, like I’m an idiot, because really, isn’t it obvious?  So then we had to have the conversation about how toes don’t belong in our food.  She reacted as though this was completely new information….

She also brought a dandelion into the car the other day.  Which isn’t a big deal, she’s done that before.  But unbeknownst to me, her older sister had shown her how the dandelion fluff could be pulled off and scattered around.  So now as I drive down the street, I’m constantly on the verge of freaking out, because I’ve got FLUFF floating around my car all the time, and I keep thinking it’s a bug.




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