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Jul 01

Listen my children, and you shall hear

So we went to the library yesterday.  Which was somewhat of a fiasco, due to a toddler who shall remain nameless but chose to sob unrelentingly throughout the entire experience.  I remember thinking that this girl was no joke when it came to teething, and she still isn’t.  But I was able to get books for the kids (and one or two books to get me thru the weekend), and one of the ones that I picked up for the Boy was The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

I’m always somewhat surprised by Sam’s fascination with heros.  With soldiers and battles and rebels and wars.  Jessie read it out loud yesterday on the way down to my mother’s, and I read it to him this morning when it was just the two of us awake.  I like the poetry, and we talked a lot about how different words were able to create a picture of what it was like.

But after I read it, he curled up at my feet and started going thru it, examining the pictures and trying to figure out in more detail exactly what happened, and when.  His favorite cartoon is Liberty’s Kids, there’s something about the American Revolution that fascinates him.


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