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Mar 31

Major stress

I’m checking the mail on an hourly basis – waiting for the financial aid paperwork for Jessie’s school. I’m really praying that we get enough aid to be able to send her to private school… she’s going to be so disappointed if we can’t. Not that I’ve let on to her how stressed I am, or that I’m just hoping these total strangers decide to give us enough money so that she can go – I just told her that Mommy and Daddy are still trying to decide which school would be best for her. And I know that wherever she goes, she’ll do well, and that it’s just kidnergarten. But still… I want her to get the very best education possible, in the best, most nurturing environment, and I think the NJA is the best choice. But they want $500 by April 12 and unless financial aid comes thru, my girl is going to public school 🙁

Moving right along… all is well here. Sam is talking more and more – and has definitely started clearly saying “Dessi” – and now that he’s realized how to say it and that she responds – he’s just chanting her name. He’s fallen totally in love with her, the other day, he cried so hard when she left him to go to dance class, he choked on a granola bar. He’s demanding that she sleep next to him, sit with him, read with him, do everything with him. I worried a little bit that three and a half years would be too much, they wouldn’t be as close as they could have been if it had been two years, but am happy to report that my two kids are closer than I’ve ever seen any two, except for Eric and Mandi when they were little 🙂

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