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Apr 15

May is a nice month for a baby

After much thought (and the gradual acceptance that this baby is in no mood to join the party yet), I’ve concluded that May is a nice month for a baby. I always liked May better than April anyway. April is associated with rain – May with flowers. I like flowers. And as of my doctor’s appt yesterday – I was still only three centimeters, no change from Sunday. As long as I don’t go too crazy with the activity, the contractions are pretty minor, and I’m just thinking now that she’ll hold out until May.

Slept well last night – except poor Sam woke up with an accident around four o’clock. He’d been dry for about a week, but last night, not so much. He’s mostly still sleeping, but hollering “I’m WET, WET, WET!” in the most aggrieved of tones. I stripped him down, laid a thick towel over the sogginess and told him to go back to sleep. And he’s still out :-). Probably drenching the bed, but at this point, there’s not too much I can do about it. He spent last night with Marc – he was just totally in love with Daddy. He trailed along behind Marc all night, clutching his Captain America comic book, and waiting until Marc was ready to sit with him and read it. Wouldn’t let me cut his nails, but let Daddy do it, and then they read comic books together and talked long after Jess and I bailed for bed. It was one of those nights when I was profoundly grateful for both of them – that I had been able to give Marc a son who so clearly worships him, and to have a Daddy for Sam who is more than willing to sit for hours and discuss whatever Sam thinks is important.

There’s a special bond between Marc and Sam. It’s not that he doesn’t love his girls, and he’s got a distinct relationship with all three of his girls, but with Sam – it’s more that they are so in sync, they have so much in common. Part of it is straight up hero worship. Marc is very stereotypically male, in that he loves working out, martial arts, can fix stuff around the house, does all the “boy” stuff like trash and bug killing – and Sam really, really gravitates to that. Marc is also willing to do it all on a three year old level. He’ll let Sam crawl all over him, attempting to beat him up. Brags about Sam’s fighting abilities, is delighted by his most daredevil tendencies. Things that freak me out make Marc proud. From the very beginning, when I wanted to put a helmet on him at seven months, just to save his little head because he kept trying to jump off of stuff – Marc was willing to let him try it. He encourages Sam to be exactly who he is – and Sam blossoms under that. He’s a boy who loves his Daddy. And last night, it was so sweet to see them sitting together and talking.

Jessica Mary bounced out of bed happily enough and dashed off to school. She did, of course, bitterly demand that Daddy get the hell out of her room when he went to wake her up, but once she got up, she was pleasant enough. Tomorrow’s inside out day at school, and she’s ridiculously looking forward to it. She’s doing great in the mornings again. She and I are working our way thru Harry Potter – we’re on Book Four. I was a little hesitant about continuing with it, because it starts to get darker and more ominous in this book and Book Five was my least favorite of the whole series – but after thinking about it – I’m reading it with her, and we discuss it. And nobody ever limited what I was reading as a child… so we’ll see. She’s so kind and soliticious of me these days. Getting up is more challenging, and she always offers me a hand or a push. She’s really been my rock thru this whole pregnancy – and I can’t wait to see her with her new baby sister.

Harrison is here today – my new schedule is Harrison and Jordyn on alternating days during the week and it’s working out GREAT. Sam’s always got a buddy, and shaking it up means that he’s never sick of whoever it is.

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