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Dec 10

Maybe she’ll be a writer

It’s hard not to try and get your kids not to live out your dreams. I always wanted to be a writer, for as long as I remember wanting to be anything. Other than a mom. I wanted that as soon as I figured out that it was an option :-). But all thru junior high and high school, that was my dream. I say dream on purpose, because it wasn’t a goal, I never really tried to do it, but it was always my dream… and I thought today, that perhaps that’s what my Jessica will do.

She creates stories ALL the time. She doesn’t lie, because that’s done usually with malicious intentions, and she’s not making stuff up to get out of trouble – she just likes to create stories and present them as fact. For no apparent reason that I can discern – other than that it’s just fun to make stuff up. The most recent example was when she told me that on Friday, Trevor had said that she pushed him and she hadn’t. She said she had been punished by having to miss out on going to the library. Upon further investigation (I emailed her teacher), not only was Jessie never in trouble, she’s never been in trouble, and there is, in fact, no child named Trevor in the either kindergarten class.

Okay, so I look like an idiot, and my child looks like a lunatic – but I’m proud of her, and impressed at her creativity… and secretly dreaming of having her first book dedicated to me 🙂

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