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Oct 15

Mental Health Day and 12 Week checkup

Called a mental health day today for Miss Jessica. She’s missed only one day so far, when she was sick, and quite honestly, I think she just needed a quiet day when she’s sitting at home, with no other older girls here, just relaxing, reading, watching television. Even though she only had four days this week, the weekend was just insane with constant activity. She’s been coming home from school and having massive temper tantrums the past two days, plus it’s been difficult to wake her up, and she’s been complaining of a variety of different maladies (sore throat, upset stomach, sore knee, her bug bites hurt, etc). She’s very happy at the moment, in her Hannah Montana jammies, her hair a wreck, and I made homemade corn muffins for her.

In other news, I have a bunch of housework type stuff to do – switching over Jessie’s summer stuff to winter, figuring out if I have any mittens and hats left over from last year, vacuuming and mopping and scrubbing. I’m so wiped out all the time, a lot of the stuff has been woefully neglected as of late. But I’m momentarily energetic, so am going to do what I can before I decide that it’s time to lay down and read.

Had my 12 week check up yesterday and heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I LOVE my OB appointments. I saw the same mid-wife when I was pregnant with Sam, and for every appointment, I brought a three year old Jessica. Bringing Sam is so much fun – he’s so interested in all of it (“why you pee in a cup, Mama?”). The hospital is gorgeous, with a huge atruim and waterfall that he can throw pennies into, and the lab techs always give him two stickers when they draw my blood (which they do with alarming regularity – I’ve had it done twice so far, and have more bloodwork scheduled for the next appt). My next appt will be the 16 week one, and I get the super big ultrasound. We aren’t going to find out the sex, Marc doesn’t want to know, and since I’m totally not giving him a vote on the baby’s name, I let him win this one ;-). I’m torn on wanting one sex or another – I want both for different reasons. I think it’d be great for Sam to have a brother, we have a really female dominated family, and another boy would be great for Sammy. But a girl… I love the thought of Jessie having a sister (not that she doesn’t already have two sisters – but I’d like to have two daughters that are all mine – a sister she can share her whole life with, as opposed to just every weekend). Plus little girl clothes are cuter.

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