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Feb 04


Went over to Annie and John’s to watch the big game last night. And it was wonderful – I mean, the Patriots lost, which was sad and depressing, but the night as a whole was great. Marc had been out with the guys in the afternoon, and I walked the kids down to the library. Marc met me down there, we headed to Annie’s house, had a lovely dinner, Becky and Greg came over. The kids were fabulous, Sam is really getting so much more social and fun and the girls played well together. Around eight o’clock, Sammy nursed to sleep, Jessie crawled into Becky’s lap and they both were out almost immediately.

This morning was wretched – Glennys is home sick, and over here, which is totally fine, I love Glenny, but unfortunately, so does Jessie. Jess cried for about a half hour, screaming and sobbing because I was forcing her to go to school. Claiming her belly hurts, her throat hurts, etc. I knew she was fine, she was more than happy to get dressed and have breakfast, her hair was done, etc. So I made her go to school – it’s one of those not negotiable things for me. If I say you’re going, you’re going. And of course, the whole time Jessie is sobbing her heart out, poor Sam is screaming – because he knows that while I’m going to ship Jess out, I’m not going to allow him to go.

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