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Feb 03

No Mommy Sleep In Days. Ever.

I lobbied hard for a morning where Marc got up with the kids and took them out. And it would have worked – except that I woke up with them and Marc didn’t. I had been pushing for him to get up with the kids and whip them out of the house before I got out of bed, because even if he gets up with them, if they know I’m in the bedroom, that’s where they’ll be. So I bitched and pressured and whined to get him to agree and then when it was crunch time, and I was faced with either yelling at Marc until he got up, or just hauling myself up and letting him sleep – I got up. Did the dishes (and there was a million of them), made the coffee, brushed teeth… Maybe next weekend I’ll get to sleep in?

Marc did take the cherubs down to Price Chopper to get donuts this morning. So, in theory, I could crawl back into bed and lounge for a half hour. But at this point, I might as well keep going – Lilli and Sarah will be here before too long, and then Marc is going down to play D&D; with the guys for a few hours before we skip out to the library and over to Annie’s for the Superbowl. We tried to keep Glennys over night last night, but the poor girl just wasn’t feeling well. And I knew she wanted to be home, and if it was my girl, I’d want her home. So I knew that Annie would want her home too – so I shipped her out around 10:00.

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