I feel so sick right now… and I’m so glad. Yesterday, I felt pretty good all day long, and was really worried about the pregnancy. After the miscarriage, I don’t feel secure in the pregnancy unless I physically feel terrible. This pregnancy has been strong from the very beginning though, I don’t ever remember getting this sick this early. I threw up the day the egg implanted, I swear – and have had vague nausea off and on ever since. I burp all the time, which is just weird, I never do that, and I’m slightly horrified every time it happens. I don’t want to go too far, when I’m outside with the kids, just because I don’t know that I’m not going to have to throw up at any given point. I just burned some toast and nearly vomited from the stench of black bread, in fact, just thinking about it now is awful…

The kids are so good – so happy about the new baby and so considerate and kind. Jessie has been my water girl, she offers throughout the day to get me glasses of iced water and is so delightfully diligent about it. I hate water and have passed out from dehydration in the past, so I’m really, really trying to drink a LOT, and she’s made it so much easier for me. Sam is doing okay on the weaning as well. As goofy as it sounds, I filled up a bottle with icy cold milk yesterday and offered him that instead of nursing, and he was delighted. He’s not done with me yet, not by far, but I’m hopeful that it’ll taper off more, because it’s beginning to get really uncomfortable nursing. He understands that it hurts me, and is more willing to do something else instead – and for that, I’m very proud and grateful.

Summer is over, kind of. The temperatures and the humidity especially, has dropped off and it’s beginning to feel more like fall. Jessica Mary starts school in less than a week, and I already miss her.

3 thoughts on “Morning sickness and end of summer

  1. awww. <3 to Jess being so helpful with the water. :)

    we're enjoying the cooler temps/less humidity too. how awesome that you got pregnant and will have the baby during the seasons you wanted! you get to skip summer (almost) completely. LOL

    how did weaning go overnight last night?

  2. Night weaning, and weaning in general, are going terribly. I'm taking a step back and trying to remove all the pressure – I'm hoping that it'll work like potty training, when I tried to push Jessie, it was a battle, when I backed off, she did it herself within a day or so. I'm hoping that nursing will work the same way. Jessie loved her pacifier until she was close to five, still used it to sleep, and Sam's the same way – he just likes to suck on something – unfortunately, he never liked a pacifier, he just used me 🙂

  3. I hate water too, but I know how important it is right now, so I've been using chunks of frozen fruit instead of ice cubes in it. It gives it a mild fruit flavor, and it seems easier to get down.

    I hope you feel better soon! I know how miserable morning sickness is. Mine finally got better at 16 weeks, but I was despairing of ever feeling normal again. At least the heat and humidity are mostly behind us!


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