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Nov 07

Moved in – mostly

We’re almost, completely and totally moved into the new house.  It’s wonderful – I love it.  It’s about fifteen hundred square feet, with a big backyard, a working fireplace, three bedrooms, ginormous dining room.  I’m about half way done unpacking and really, really liking it. 

Sam, after having shared a bedroom (and a bed) with me for the past four and a half years, transitioned to his own bed with no problems at all.  He’s got a queen size bed in there, and a couple of times, he’s called out to me in the middle of the night and I’ve just laid beside him for a few minutes to settle him back down.  But he’s so happy with his very own bedroom.  And even though I know he’s more than old enough, even though I’m mostly happy to have him in his own space – there’s a part of me that just misses my baby boy.  He suddenly got big on me, and I’m not entirely used to it yet. 

Jessie’s room is so pretty, so much bigger than her old one was.  I’ve got two twin beds in there, so Julie can just start sleeping in there when she’s ready.  And until then, Jess is loving having the extra space.  She’s got a huge walk in closet, and I finally got all of her clothes and Julianna’s hung up today.  It’s lunacy – I’ve got so many little girl clothes.  Jess has a ton of stuff, and I had to save a bunch of her really cute stuff for the baby girl. 

Julianna Ruth is getting so big.  So smiley and happy – she’s smiling all the time, sitting up on her own, she’s got her one tooth and very pleased with it.  She’s eating more table foods now, playing with cheerios and pizza crust and french fries.   She’s still nursing pretty much non-stop, averaging between 12 and 15 times a day, but she likes eating solids.  Really seems delighted whenever I give her something new, which is so cute.  She loves her johnny jump up, and has basically outgrown the bouncy seat.  She’s getting scary close to being too big for the bumbo seat too – she’s starting to arch her back to get out of it.  She’s so sweet – and everyone seems to just adore her.  Annie, my mother, my mother in law, everyone thinks that they’re her favorite, because she just lights up whenever anyone looks at her.  She’s happy to go to anyone, as long as she can see me.  She loves her brother, loves her sisters – she’s such a joy.  Really… She still won’t nap at all unless she’s being held, but she’s a great sleeper at night (slept nine hours the night before last). 

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