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Nov 01

Okay – I don’t really like moving

I’m sitting here, completely barricaded by boxes.  They’re piled up all over the place, packed, unpacked, my table is covered with dishes yet to be packed.  All around me, I see stuff I need to pack.  And/or throw away.  I’ve got a lot of junk.  I mean, I guess most people do, but it seems as though I have more than most.  I saved every piece of paper that came home in preschool and kindergarten for Jess.  And most of first grade.  I realized then that I was sort of a little over the top on the saving, and after that, only saved stuff that seemed extra cute – but now that we’re moving, I’m perplexed… do I continue to save all of it?  Take the hour or so to sort thru and pick out the cute stuff and toss the rest? 

Jess is asleep in the living room (as her bedroom has been taken over entirely by boxes), and Julie is sound asleep in our room (my bestest going to bed kid – she’s a breeze.  Crappy napper, but great nighttime sleeper).  Sam is playing in the bathroom sink.  And while I realize that playing in the sink might not be the best thing for him to be doing at 9:30 at night, I’m too tired to fight it.  I’ve been packing and packing and packing all day.  And when I wasn’t packing, I was holding my teething, cranky six month old.  She’s finally cutting her first tooth, and most unhappy about it.  She’s also entering into that clingy, clingy stage (which, oddly enough, Sam is just now passing out of :-).  So I can only pack in short spurts before she starts wailing in desolation that I’ve moved more than three feet away from her. 

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