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Oct 18


I feel like I should title this “Moving – Part 1” because I’m certain that there will be many more posts on this topic before I’m all settled in.  I have a tiny apartment, in theory, there shouldn’t be all that much to pack.  But in reality, I’ve got tons.  Just flat out tons of crap to move.  There’s very little I’m really attached to, in fact, I’d love to just toss it all and start all over again.  The new house has a furnished living room and beds for everyone already in it – so there’s a part of me that’s just wishing that I could rent a huge dumpster and toss the contents of this apartment into it. 

The problem, as I see it, is that I have natural hording tendencies (that are born more out of laziness – it’s easier to shove it into a closet than figure out how to get rid of it), and have passed them down to my children.  Both Jess and Sam hate getting rid of things, but Sam is by far the worst.  In fact, if I manage to convince Jess that it’s okay to get rid of something, I then have to smuggle it out of the house before Sam catches on that we’re getting rid of something. 

But I’m working slowly towards cleaning out everything – moving only that which I actually want/use to the new house.  I’ve cleaned out three closets so far, and assembled nine bags of clothes to go to Goodwill.  For some reason, I saved every single coat either of my older two children have worn, and some that they never wore.  I saved every last stitch of clothes that Sam has ever worn (I’m better at clearing out Jessie’s old clothes, saving my favorites for Julianna and passing the rest along to Jordyn).  I went thru my dresser, and was ruthless.  If it was maternity and/or something I haven’t worn in the past three years, I got rid of it.  Mostly. 

Kids are doing well – Jess is adjusting to second grade, it’s a lot harder than first.  She’s a really bright girl, which I think worked against her, she coasted thru kindergarten and first grade, and this teacher is really making sure that Jessie works up to her full potential.  Even though she’s got a really full schedule, she seems to adjusting to it very well.  I, on the other hand, still miss her like mad when she’s gone. 

Sam is home, and I still wonder if that’s the right thing.  Sending him to preschool didn’t feel right either, but I’m really hoping that this extra year home makes it easier for kindergarten and not harder.  He’s so very stubborn, and he really, really doesn’t like new things.  New routines, new places, new people… I wonder if pushing him this year would be a good idea.  I’m hoping that the old “attachment parenting” theory works – if I meet his needs for security now then he’ll be all brave and bold and head off to the world of academia happily. 

Julianna – holy moly, that child is growing so fast.  She’s already standing up, supporting herself by leaning on the table.  She’s a heartbeat away from sitting up on her own.  Cooing and giggling and such a good baby.  She’s not doing great with solids, still has a tendency to throw up whatever I give her, but she’s such an accomplished nurser that I don’t worry too much about it.  She’s on the young side for solids anyway – she won’t be six months until the end of the month. 

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