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Oct 16

Saturday mornings

On Saturdays, Marc takes the four oldest kids to Hebrew School.  Julianna is still too little, and there’s literally nowhere, with the exception of the front lobby, where I can sit and nurse her.  I’m as big a fan of nursing in public as there is, but I still feel vaguely uncomfortable whipping out my boob in front of teenage boys and little old men.  And there seems to be a lot of both of those two at the synagogue.  So Saturdays have become this quiet little island in time when it’s just me and my baby girl – and I adore them. 

Yesterday, Jess was home sick with a cough.  I had a migraine, Julie had a slightly runny nose, Sam had a fever and Marc is still hacking and coughing.  None of us were hard core sick, but all of us were a little bit.  So we spent the whole day at home.  I live in this teeny, tiny apartment.  It’s mainly just two rooms that have a big sliding door between them, my bedroom, Jessie’s tiny bedroom and an itty bitty kitchen and bathroom. 

What I love most about this apartment is also what drives me crazy – the complete and utter lack of space.  Whatever we do, we’re right on top of each other.  But on the upside – it’s sometimes absolutely perfect.  We spent the whole day together, with no distractions and it was delightful.  Jess and Sam got into a couple little squabbles, but mostly, it was just really nice.  I love that my little family gets along so well.  There really is this unique chemistry when we’re all together. 

The family I came from isn’t quite as blissful, and I treasure this peace and tranquility so much more because of that.  Long hours, reading together, watching movies and cuddling – I hope that we’re always as happy together as we are right now.  I know that they’ll grow up, and spending a lazy afternoon bumming around the living room won’t always be enough for them – but right now, it’s perfect 🙂

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