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Aug 07

My anti-social koala boy is growing up…

We went to Canobie Lake yesterday – which is a big, old fashioned (I say old fashioned because I went there every year when I was a kid and I don’t think it’s changed at all) amusement park.  We’ve been several times with the kids – and quite frankly, Sam has hated it every time we’ve gone.  He’s occasionally, borderline, sort of not been miserable, but actual enjoyment?  Nope.

And I just figured it was Sam.  He didn’t like big crowds, he didn’t like new places.  But I realized yesterday that, while all of that was true when he was two and three and four, now that he’s FIVE – it’s a whole new world and I spent most of the day just utterly impressed at how big he’s gotten.  And only a tiny bit wistful, because he’s getting so big so fast.

He rode EVERYTHING.  Scary rides that I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle, but let him go on anyway, because he begged and I believe in letting them make their own choices, when possible.  He didn’t cry once, he’d hop off a ride, holler “That was AWESOME!”,and look for the next one.  He was perfectly behaved the entire time (which was more than I can say for his sisters – one wandered off and got lost, one cried for twenty minutes on the way home because we weren’t home yet, one sobbed thru the park on the way to the car because she was “dizzy sick” and her blisters hurt, and the other one is a year old and resented being put in the carriage).  Sam was amazing – he was articulate, described with letter perfect accuracy where a ride was located, rode everything he wanted, rode home happily in the least favorite seat and was, in general, the best behaved child there.

My anti-social little clingy boy is growing up.  And I can’t believe how proud I am.

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