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Aug 06

Stress and frustration

I realize in the overall scheme of things, my problems aren’t really that big.  Everyone’s healthy and happy, and we will have a roof over our heads, regardless.  It’s just the constant tension over WHICH roof.  Do we stay here, do we move?  This is what I’ve been doing, constantly searching for an apartment and agonizing over whether or not I need to look at all.  Our landlord, while lovely, is horribly indecisive and I don’t deal well with other people’s indecision.  I actually don’t deal well with my own indecision, but someone else’s is even harder.  Especially because he is such a nice guy, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings by screaming “I’m leaving, I don’t CARE what you want to do!”

In other news – Julianna is still not walking.  Going on fifteen and a half months, and still not a step taken.  She is, however, getting actual callouses on the palms of her hands from constantly crawling because she’s all over the place.  She communicating more and more, and just recently starting standing independently on purpose (as opposed to accidentally).  She’s such an agreeable baby, very little irritates her, unless you try to take what she’s playing with, in which case, she’ll bellow furiously.

Samilicious Boy has spent most of the summer in his underwear.  He’d be naked, but Julianna is a little too curious, so I insist on at least underwear.  It’s been a good summer for Sam, and I’m optimistic that he’ll adapt well to kindergarten.  Truth be told, I’m terrified of him starting school, but pretending that I’m not.  He’ll be fine, right?

Jessica Mary is fighting summer reading HARD.  And finally, I got so irritated with her (bitterly ironic that I have to fight to get my daughter to READ), that I told her that she was cooking dinner all this week, and one of her book reports could be on recipes.  She’s made chocolate chip cookies, homemade spaghetti sauce and fresh chicken nuggets.  I sit at the table (with a book) and am available for questions and gentle reminders (because left to her own devices, she gets distracted easily).

Canobie Lake today – very excited 🙂

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