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Mar 14

My five year old still has a pacifier

There, I said it. She has a fier, and I’m proud of her. She’s brilliant, kind, creative and can be the most poised, talkative engaging child in the world. And most nights, she drifts off to sleep with her trusty fier in her mouth. I refuse to lecture her, take it away, make her feel like a baby or in any way make it a negative experience for her. And you know what, she’s MY CHILD. Mine. That means that I get to make this decision and it should matter to nobody else. Marc, maybe. But even with that, he’s pretty much made parenting decisions like that to be my thing.

Why do so many people think it’s okay to criticize other people’s parenting styles? I don’t get it – there are LOTS of other parents out there, and for the most part, unless it’s a blatant screw up, I don’t comment. They might make choices that I wouldn’t make, allow their children to get away with stuff I wouldn’t tolerate, let their kids watch stuff I wouldn’t, but it’s none of my business. And I fully understand that what is the right decision for my children might not be the right decision for others. I’m not perfect, God knows I’ve screwed up lots of times as a parent – but for the most part, I’m pretty damn good at it. My children are gorgeous and healthy and happy and if you don’t agree with my parenting, then just shut up about it. Okay?

Bitter, much? I’m so tired of being told that she needs to give up the pacifier. She likes it, okay? And she’s a good kid, who’s already growing up faster than I can keep up with. It’s not like I’m giving her cocaine or heroin to sleep with. It’s certainly not going to hurt her, and probably saves her teeth from being worn down to bits because she grinds her teeth in the middle of the night.

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