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Oct 01

October Update

Starting from the top… Jessica is doing really well in third grade.  She really likes her teacher and her papers coming home have been consistently in the 90-100 range.  I’m really pleased by this – and have now decided to consider second grade just an aberration.  I think the combination of it not being a great fit, personality wise, between her and the teacher, plus the fact that she took a little longer than most to stop reversing and transposing numbers was what led to her difficulties there.  She seems happier socially as well, which always makes things easier.  She’s such a big girl – she’s so much help sometimes.  The past two days, I was running the day care room at the synagogue with my mother, and when Jess was in there, it was like having another adult in there to help with the kids… She still fights with her brother pretty consistently – but even that seems to be getting better at times…

Sam is doing great at school.  Just freaking awesome.  The first week was utter hell, but after that, things gradually started to improve.  He’s so much better about going in the mornings now, getting out of the van on his own.   He’s entering an easy stage, I think.  He’s just a calm, relaxed, easy kind of boy.  Although, with the exception of the massive separation anxiety, he’s always been a breeze.

Julianna Ruth is STILL not walking.  Just not doing it.  She can balance fine, standing up by herself, but at this point, I think it’s a mental thing, she’s so used cruising along stuff that she won’t walk independently.  But she’s so much fun, all singing and charm.  She’s getting so big in so many ways – but still so little.

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