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Sep 26

Oddly enough

My life, in many ways, got easier once I had two kids in school.  Suddenly we’re all organized and with a majority of kids on the same schedule, life is just easier.  Bedtime is a breeze, no more battles to get Jess to sleep, Sam goes down by necessity earlier than she does.  No real freak outs in the morning – Sam is easy peasy to get out the door (and is even going into school by himself now) and Jess seems to somehow know that she doesn’t have a chance in hell in staying home, now that I have to get out there anyway to get Sam to school.  Not that she hasn’t thrown a few Hurricane Jess fits, but they aren’t as overwhelming, because we all seem to know that it’s just for form’s sake, she’s going regardless.  Plus Julianna is still taking a two to three hour nap in the middle of the day.  I’m finding myself with huge oceans of spare time.  It’s lovely.

I’ve very seriously considered going back to work.  Side effect of the aforementioned spare time.  But I’m not sure if I’d make enough to make it worthwhile, after paying for childcare for Julianna.  I’ve been out of work for five years now.  That’s going back entry-level, essentially.  Plus, Julianna isn’t even a year and a half yet.  I’d really rather stay home with her for at least another year, maybe two.  And at that point, I need to decide whether or not I want to go back to work, or have another baby.  At this point, I can come up with compelling reasons for both of these.  I’m leaning slightly towards no more babies and going back part time when Jules is four.   With Marc still home, it’s tempted to start looking for a job, because he’d be home with her, but between the two of us, he’s got a much higher earning potential.  And he could get a job at any point, which would mean that I’d have to quit, assuming that I could find a job.

Julianna took three steps a couple of days ago, and hasn’t attempted it again.  Which is still sort of amusing – like she’s saying “yeah, okay, I can walk, but I’m not gonna!”

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